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In 1993, Daniel Contreras created Paws, a Nationwide Business Consulting firm and at-home pet sitting service, which serves the Fox Valley and surrounding areas in Wisconsin. Paws currently has a 40-mile service radius and continues to grow. The business has expanded rapidly. With this particular Paws Start-up Kit, any self-motivated individual can open a similar pet sitting service.

Today, Paws is marketing its successful business policies, plan, book, and manuals worldwide in E-file form, offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to own and operate businesses. They can work part-time to full-time, with no risk to current income.

Mr. Contreras has updated his Paws Business Opportunity (Pet Sitting Start-up Kit) manual with Paws II Update, which helps existing pet sitting services set guidelines and policies for their customers. The manual pays for itself within the first month of implementation. This new manual will make you more money by helping you to set time deadlines for your customers. The book Ideas That Generate $$$ provides ideas that work for those entrepreneurs who do not know what type of business to explore. This book will also show you how to manage your debt until you can get out of debt. It provides you with some business ideas for sole proprietorship to family businesses, a step-by-step business outlook, guides you through business prospectives, contains a business plan, and much more.

Klub-Med for pets, a business plan for a five-star hotel for pets, was written in 1999 and never used. It is for the serious pet lover who wants to open a boarding facility of the future.

The business policies, plan, book, and manuals are capable of being as successful in your area as they have been in the Fox Valley. Paws is available to consult with each new entrepreneur. We offer unlimited consulting, by mail or e-mail, to answer any questions that arise as you follow the steps outlined in our literature.

Mr. Contreras says, “Other areas can be as prosperous as the Fox Valley area.” These E-files allow for sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation. With our help and guidance, any self-motivated and organized individual can be a successful business owner.

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