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What You Receive with "Paws Business Opportunity"

For less money than any franchise offer, the comprehensive Paws Business Opportunity (Start-up Kit) provides you with all the tools you need to run a professional pet sitting service.

Be your own boss with Paws. For $18.99, you receive the Paws Business Opportunity (Start-up Kit), an E-file that contains:

 Pet Sitting Business Plan
Complete 28-page business plan that you may tailor to your own needs. Written and implemented by Daniel Contreras, the plan may be used for sole proprietorship, partnership, or a corporation. This plan provides valuable information on the pros and cons of an at-home pet sitting business. The success of a business starts with an organized beginning.

 Business Steps
A crucial part of any business, these guidelines will walk you through the steps of establishing and maintaining your business.

 Pet Sitting Service Agreement/Contract with Synopsis
An important part of any pet sitting business, this service agreement spells out services provided. It contains the time and date agreement, authorization for emergency care, and an information sheet. With this agreement, you will have all the information you need about the client's pets and home. It saves you money on legal fees, and you can tailor it to your needs.

The synopsis will confidently walk you through the service agreement paragraph-by-paragraph, page-by-page. The synopsis enhances your professionalism by explaining the services provided.

 Employee Handbook
Use this publication to train and provide guidelines for your employees.

 Business Letter Helper
Provides you with 21 of the most frequently used business letters in the pet sitting field. The examples offer a friendly and tactful way of communicating with your client in a professional manner.
Examples include:

Apology Letter
Availability Letter
Concern Letter
Contribution Letter
Thank You Letter
Broken Key Letter
Balance Due Letter
Key Return Letter
Miscommunication Letter
Missed Appointment Letter
No Show Letter
30 Days Past Due Letter
45 Days Past Due Letter
60 Days Past Due Letter
75 Days Past Due Letter
Public Relations Letter
Public Relations Letter Enclosure
Sympathy Letter
Time Mix-up Letter
Universal Thank You Letter
Request for More Time & Date Agreements Letter

 Examples of Necessary Business Forms

All that is needed is your business name, telephone number and logo.

 Survey Card
Provides valuable feedback for your pet sitting service.

 Information Sheet/Pet Report Card
Serves as a detailed log for the customerís review upon return. Clients will enjoy reading how well their pet behaved during their absence.

 Welcome Home Attention Slip
Demonstrate your professionalism by following up on a clientís return. Welcome your customers home from their trip, and remind them to call and let your service know they have returned home safely.

 Billing Form
A must in any professional business.

Show that your business is established in your community and make mailing payments easier for your clients.

Promote your business, informing potential clients of the advantages of using a professional pet sitter.

 Business Card
Promote your business, informing potential clients of the services your business provides.

 Free Consulting
We offer unlimited consultation by e-mail to answer any questions that arise as you follow the steps outlined in the business package.

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