Pet Hotel Business Plan

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Pet Hotel Business Plan

Daniel Contreras wrote the Klub Med pet-hotel business plan in 1999. Paws decided to expand its service by adding another option for pet lovers. This comprehensive business plan is ready for the serious pet lover who would like to open a boarding facility of the future, or for established pet sitters who would like to increase their service options.

This 43-page business plan is complete, except for architecture designs and financing. If you have ever considered this business, and are willing to explore the opportunity, this is the perfect start for your future boarding facility.

The business plan is provided to you by E-file for easy tailoring. Use the information on the E-file as your foundation. Take what you need and improvise your ideas to complete your ideal boarding facility. This plan will provide you with examples of how such facilities are structured. Once implemented, these services will provide extra income to your business.

All this is provided for you in an E-file form for $9.99. Click here to order your business plan today.
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