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Benefits of "Paws Business Opportunity"

Paws Business Opportunity (Pet Sitting Start-up Kit) was written by Daniel Contreras, President of Paws. He has successfully operated this at-home pet sitting business since 1993. With the Paws Business Opportunity E-file, anyone with organizational skills can open a similar service in his or her area with our help. This knowledge has sold worldwide to entrepreneurs who love pets and want to operate their own business.

This Paws E-file will guide you to being your own boss. Should you have any difficulties, Paws offers free consultation to individuals opening their own pet sitting service.

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Why Start an At-Home Pet Sitting Service?

 Pet and plant sitting generates extra income.
 Working with animals and plants can be more satisfying than working with people.
 Busy people pay well for domestic services, housekeeping, yard maintenance, child and plant care, and pet
 95% of U.S. households own pets and plants.
 Pet and plant owners are taking better care of their pets and plants.
 There are over 150 million domestic and exotic pets in the U.S.
 At-home pet sitters offer a valuable convenience to pet owners.
 Pets are more comfortable with their regular diet and exercise routine, as well as the personal care they receive
      from pet sitters.
 At-home pet care keeps the pet in its familiar environment.
 The market of this business is less than 7% saturated.
 Itís the perfect opportunity to be your own boss.
 Millions of dollars are spent every day on home-related services.
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